Wine School by True Wine

Get more from every glass.

Think like a wine expert from your first sip in this 4-week course. Taught by the founders of True Wine with guest lessons from winemakers and sommeliers, Wine School gives you the perspective you need to cut through the mystery of wine.

Course Outline

I. Facts & Fictions

Wine scores. Tasting notes. Bordeaux. When it comes to wine, it helps to know how to spot the truth in a world of opinions. That’s where this course begins.

II. Winemaking & Terroir

A wine’s flavor profile is a result of decisions made during the winemaking process. Understanding these decisions will give you the ability to predict the flavors of a wine just by knowing where it’s from.

III. Wine Tasting

Sharpening your wine tasting skills is a combination of knowing what to look for and getting quick feedback on how accurate your guesses are. This course gives you a structured method for wine tasting that you can utilize whenever, wherever.

IV. Wine & Food

Wine’s relationship with food is part of what makes it so internationally loved. In this section, we’ll dive into the art, science, and culture of pairing the two.

V. Buying Wine

Whether you’re at Target, Whole Foods, a wine shop, or a restaurant, this section is all about where to look (and where not to look) to find high-quality wine that fits your budget and your tastes.

VI. Go Explore

Now that you’ve built your foundation, the world of wine is waiting for you. This section will arm you with tips and resources for finding new wines, regions, and experiences that matter to you.

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