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True Wine was founded by Kyle Billings and Jenna Miller in May of 2019 with a goal to help people find more meaningful wines regardless of their level of experience.

Kyle and Jenna both share a background in technology and education. Kyle has been a designer with Codecademy and founder of sailingtutorials.com. Jenna is an iOS developer and former LSAT instructor. They share a passion for making complex things simple and accessible.

In search of answers to the seemingly simple question of “how do I find wine I like,” Kyle and Jenna immersed themselves in wine—sommelier societies, tasting groups, vineyard trips, classes, books, scent kits, maps. They studied grape varieties, winemaking styles, and farming practices to build up an understanding of why certain wines taste the way they do.

Those learnings became the foundation of True Wine.

Even simple questions like “is this wine sweet” can be hidden in elusive answers about local traditions and complex classification systems. True Wine takes that complexity and makes it simple.

With True Wine, Kyle and Jenna hope to make wine more accessible and enjoyable.