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New German Wine Laws

In early 2021, the parliament of Germany passed the tenth amendment to the German Wine Law of 1971. These new German wine laws create a classification system based on geography that will apply to all of German wine by 2026. This system consists of three quality pyramids — one within another within another. A familiar pyramid The first pyramid is the same as the one in use today. It starts with the country-wide Deutscher Wein designation at the bottom. The next tier up, Landwein, is for wines with geographical indication made within one of 26 Landwein regions in Germany (these include titles […]

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Tracing the Rhine for 60 miles, Mittelrhein weaves amongst hills and castles with vineyards in classic German style—filled with Riesling. Varietals Müller-Thurgau, Riesling, Spätburgunder Hectares Under Vine 467 Climate Continental

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